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Energy Management - Purdue Awardee (Image 1)

July 1, 2010
Energy Management - Purdue Awardee (Image 1) Yung-Hsiang Lu, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, is one of three Purdue University engineers who were awarded the National Science Foundation's (NSF) most prestigious honor for outstanding young researchers, the Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award. Lu will use the $419,775, five-year CAREER award for research to develop operating system software that enables computers to automatically save energy by managing how much power to use based on which jobs are being performed. The research will focus on three parts: creating universal interfaces between operating systems and all hardware components for automatically characterizing how much power each component consumes; building mathematical models that are better than conventional models at estimating how much power a component needs; and developing software techniques that determine which power states are needed for specific hardware components at a given time. Individual hardware components that are not being used at a given time can be placed in a sleep state, while other components are running normally. Software and models developed by the end of the five-year period will be open sourced. (Date of Image: August 2007) [One of three related images. See Next Image.]

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