A 3-D Visualization of a Frost Boil
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A 3-D Visualization of a Frost Boil

July 1, 2010
A 3-D Visualization of a Frost Boil Cory Mohn, a 2005 Arctic Region Supercomputing Center (ARSC) summer intern demonstrates his 3-D visualization of a frost boil in the center's Discovery Lab. Mohn traveled to a remote research station in Alaska to study the arctic phenomena, which are of particular interest to the Alaska Geobotany Center (AGC) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks' Institute of Arctic Biology. One key project of the AGC is the Biocomplexity of Patterned Ground project, funded by the National Science Foundation, which examines the role frost boils play in plant development and proliferation, and how a changing climate might impact these biological patterns. As these patterned ground formations have been little studied, they represent a still largely unknown aspect of the arctic system. ARSC serves the computational needs of the University of Alaska and the Department of Defense (DOD) as a Shared Resource and Allocated Distributed Center within the DOD's High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP). (Date of Image: Aug. 26, 2005) [One of 3 related images. See Next Image.]

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