Refitted JOIDES Resolution
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Refitted JOIDES Resolution

July 1, 2010
Refitted JOIDES Resolution The JOIDES Resolution scientific ocean drilling vessel (SODV) at completion of drydocking, where it underwent refit work while pierside at Jurong Shipyard, Singapore. There have been great efforts by NSF and the JOI Alliance to keep the SODV project moving forward, despite severe cost pressures. Purchase of new science equipment is nearly complete, refurbishment of some existing equipment continues, and land-based testing and integration has begun. Many of the ship and drilling service life extension projects have been completed and others are continuing. The drilling equipment, including derrick, were removed from the ship to be refurbished for reinstallation. A conversion contract for construction and integration of the improved science facility was awarded to a Singapore shipyard, with operations to begin again in May 2008. The JOIDES Resolution is the current drillship of the National Science Foundation's Ocean Drilling Program. To learn more, visit the program's Home Page. (Date of Image: 2007)

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