R Coronae Australis Complex
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R Coronae Australis Complex

July 2, 2010
This is a color photo of the R Coronae Australis region in the southern Milky Way, obtained with the Wide Field Imager (WFI) (camera) at the 2.2-m MPG/ESO Telescope on La Silla (Chile). It is based on a series of CCD exposures through optical B-, V- and R-filters, here rendered as blue, green and red, respectively. The sky field shown measures approx. 33.7 x 31.9 arcmin (about the diameter of the full moon).

Technical information: The observations were obtained on the night of 30 August 2000. The image is a combination of twelve large (8000 x 8000 pix) CCD frames taken through B, V, and R filters. Four exposures of 5 min each were obtained in each filter, with the telescope pointing at slightly different positions so that the gaps among the eight individual CCD-chips of the detector can be adequately filled. All frames were carefully aligned, and the intensity levels were cut in order to achieve the proper color balance. A logarithmic intensity scale was used to improve the dynamical range. This image displays the full field and was rebinned to a smaller scale in order to allow transportation over the web. The images were prepared by Fernando Comeron (ESO).

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