Researcher and Adelie Penguin
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Researcher and Adelie Penguin

July 2, 2010
Researcher and Adelie Penguin National Science Foundation-supported researcher Viola Toniolo at the Cape Crozier Adelie penguin colony on Ross Island, Antarctica. Adelie penguins are providing a team of scientists a window into the biology of the frigid Ross Sea during an end-of-the-year expedition to Antarctica. The latest piece of a 55-year study, this research will also help measure the impact of climate change on the penguins. Meanwhile, another team will try to piece together a much older puzzle: How long has the massive East Antarctic Ice Sheet been frozen in place? With funding from the National Science Foundation--as part of the agency's International Polar Year research and education program, scientists from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution also will document their exploration in Web journals and with online video and photo postings. Further information about the expedition is available Here. (Date of Image: January 2007)

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