China Shanghai
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China Shanghai

March 24, 2004
This image covers the region of Shanghai in China. The city of Shanghai lies on the south bank of the Yangzi River, at the estuary where the river issues into the East China Sea. The Yangzi River is the longest waterway in Asia, and is more simply known in China as Changjiang: Long River. About 950 kilometers of the 6,300 kilometers of its total length are navigable, which makes it an extensive and important transport network. The Yangzi River and its tributaries drain 14 provinces, from Qinghai Province in the far west to Shanghai at the estuary. Shanghai is one of the world's largest cities, China's largest city and main commercial and industrial center. South of Shanghai, the landscape changes into rugged mountain ranges, with numerous islands offshore in the Hangzhou Bay, where the Fuchun River ends. The main crop in these highland areas is tea.

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