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New Antenna at CHILL (Image 2)

July 7, 2010
New Antenna at CHILL (Image 2) The addition of the offset antenna and feedhorn are major improvements to CHILL. This instrumentation will improve the operation of the CHILL, which operates in S-band; X-band is being added to the facility. Once installation is complete, CHILL will have dual wavelength and dual polarization capabilities, a combination of which will open new avenues of investigation into convective storm systems. The CHILL radar facility is a National Science Foundation (NSF) research facility supported by the NSF's Division of Atmospheric Research and Colorado State University. CHILL is the nation's premier research radar. It is located in a field outside of Greeley, Colo. For more information about the installation of the new antenna, see the Colorado State University news release, "Colorado State University Hosts One of the World's Most Advanced Weather Radars." To learn more about CHILL, visit the facility's Web site. (Date of Image: 2008) [Image 2 of 3 related images. See Image 3.]

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