A Star for Cyberinfrastructure
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A Star for Cyberinfrastructure

July 8, 2010
The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) operates powerful high-end computing resources including DataStar, a 15.6 teraflop IBM Power4+ supercomputer with total aggregate memory of 7.3 terabytes. DataStar is ranked among the top supercomputers in the world and is used for large-scale, data-intensive scientific research applications. SDSC's DataStar p655 partition (with 272 eight-processor nodes) is primarily intended to run applications of very high levels of parallelism or concurrency, especially those with high parallel I/O requirements. The queuing policies favor jobs with higher processor count. SDSC's DataStar p690 partition (with six 32-processor nodes) is primarily intended to run applications that require large amounts of shared memory such as pre- or post-processing data for large-scale calculations or repeated database operations. Four nodes have 128 GB of shared memory, and two of the 32-processor nodes have 256 GB of memory. The National Science Foundation is the primary funding source for the SDSC. [Image taken from the San Diego Supercomputer Center Multimedia Gallery.] (Date of Image: 2008)

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