Mt Kosciuszko
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Mt. Kosciuszko

June 23, 2003
The 2,228-meter-tall (7,310-foot) Mt. Kosciuszko lies at the southern end of Australia’s Snowy Mountains, which define the Kosciuszko National Park. Though it is the tallest mountain on the continent, Kosciuszko is very easy to climb. In summer, it is a scramble up the slope from the Thredbo Village (or you can take the chairlift!) to the plateau, and a gentle 6-km (4-mile) walk to the mountain.

Mt. Kosciuszko is part of the Great Dividing Range, a long chain of mountains running along the Australian east coast which seperate the arid inland from the more fertile and densely-populated coastal regions. The Snowy Mountains are the centerpiece of a huge engineering program, in which a series of dams and tunnels were constructed during the 1950s to draw on the reliable water supply from snowmelt into the inland regions for irrigation.

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