Layers in Uzboi Vallis PSP0083381525
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Layers in Uzboi Vallis (PSP_008338_1525)

July 18, 2010
This observation reveals layered deposits on the floor of Uzboi Vallis. These deposits were emplaced when drainage along Uzboi was blocked by the formation of the rim of Holden Crater to the north.

Water ponding on the floor of the valley created a short-lived lake that eventually rose and overtopped Holden's rim. As the Uzboi lake drained into Holden crater, water flowing along the floor of the valley eroded and exposed these layers.

The layers can be traced for considerable distances, but appear to erode into and/or consist of fairly coarse sediments. Hence, their emplacement may have been relatively rapid as compared to deposition in longer-lived lakes elsewhere on Mars (e.g., within Holden Crater)

Written by: John Grant

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