Vannevar Bush Award
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Vannevar Bush Award

July 26, 2010
The Vannevar Bush award, a commemorative bronze medal struck in Bush's likeness awarded to exceptional life-long leaders in science and technology who have made substantial contributions to the welfare of the nation through public service activities in science, technology and public policy.

The National Science Board (NSB), the governing body of the National Science Foundation (NSF), established the Vannevar Bush Award in 1980, to honor Bush's unique contributions to public service. As science advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Bush recommended that a government entity be formed to encourage federal support of scientific research, education and technology. His report, "Science, the Endless Frontier," led to the creation of NSF in 1950, under President Harry S. Truman.

Further information about the Vannevar Bush Award is available Here.

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