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New Primate Discovered (Image 2)

July 26, 2010
Africa's newly discovered species of monkey, the highland mangabey, Lophocebus kipunji. Note the characteristic broad, upright crest on the animal's head and non-contrasting eyelids. The artist's reconstruction is drawn from a research video taken by C.L. Ehardt in Tanzania in the Ndundulu Forest of the Udzungwa Mountains and in the Southern Highlands.

With a strange call that researchers describe as a "honk-bark" and dramatic tufts of brown hair sprouting from the sides and top of its head, the new species is not only rare, it is unique. The species was first discovered by Wildlife Conservation Society biologists in 2003 while conducting surveys on and around Mount Rungwe and the Livingstone Forest of the new Kitulo National Park in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania.

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