Pad Abort 3 Attitude Control
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Pad Abort 3 Attitude Control

July 28, 2010
The second ground test of a full-scale attitude control motor (ACM) for the launch abort system (LAS) designed for the Orion crew exploration vehicle is shown in this photo. The test was conducted at Alliant Techsystems' (ATK) facility in Elkton, Md. on March 17. It was the seventh in a series of ground tests of the ACM system. The motor is designed to keep a crew module on a controlled flight path in the event it needs to jettison and steer away from a launch rocket in an emergency. The entire LAS is scheduled to be demonstrated during a Pad Abort 1 flight test at the U.S. Army's White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico in the spring of 2010 to continue to refine technologies for crew safety systems.

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