Fires in Northern Australia
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Fires in Northern Australia

April 28, 2004
A handful of fires, marked in bright red, are scattered throughout northern Australia in this true-color Terra MODIS image from April 25, 2004. Most of the fires are in the Norther Territories, image right, though a good number are in Western Australia, especially around Lake Argyle. Some of the fires have visible smoke plumes drifting away in the wind; the most noticeable smoke plumes are coming from the fires in Macdonnell Ranges, lower right corner. Spectacular brown and turquoise halos run along the edges of the continent. These halos are from sediments in the water deposited either by runoff from rivers and streams or sediment kicked up from the ocean bed. The sediment is thickest at the mouth of inlets and channels opening into the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf, at upper image center. A number of rivers drain into this gulf, including the Fitzmaurice and Angalarri.

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