Three Views of Io
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Three Views of Io

September 26, 2003
Three full-disk color views of Jupiter's volcanic moon Io as seen by NASA's Galileo spacecraft camera are shown in enhanced color (near-infrared-, green-, and violet-filtered images) to highlight details of the surface. Comparisons of these images to those taken by the Voyager spacecraft 17 years ago has revealed many changes have occurred on Io. Since that time, about a dozen areas at least as large as the state of Connecticut have been resurfaced. These three views, taken by Galileo in late June 1996, show about 75 percent ofIo's surface. The images reveal that some areas on Io are truly red, whereas much of the surface is yellow or light greenish. The major red areas shown here appear to be closely associated with very recent fragmental volcanic deposits (pyroclastics) erupted in the form of volcanic plumes.

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