Heat wave in Southern California
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Heat wave in Southern California

May 5, 2004
Record-breaking temperatures broiled much of California on May 2, 2004, as an ongoing spring heat wave continued to plague the region. According to the Associated Press, sixteen areas in Southern California set new record highs for the day, including downtown Los Angeles, which reached 97 degrees Fahrenheit (36 C). The new record in Long Beach, 102 degrees F (39 C), outpaced the previous record by 10 degrees F. Baked in the summer sun, the land had reached sizzling hot temperatures, nearing 150 degrees F (70 C) when the Aqua MODIS instrument acquired this image at 2:20 pm, US Pacific time. This image shows the extreme high temperatures in Southern California and Nevada in dark red. The Sierra Nevada Mountains, still capped with snow, form a cool blue line down the eastern edge of the state.

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