Maipo Volcano Chile
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Maipo Volcano, Chile

October 19, 2004
The high peaks of the Andes form the backbone of South America and the political border between Chile and Argentina. Formed from the subduction of the Nazca Plate under the South American Plate, the south-central Andes also includes several major volcanoes. One of the most active border volcanoes is Volcan Maipo, located just southeast of Santiago, Chile. The volcano's summit (5264m) rests in the large Diamante Caldera, and is defined by a radial drainage pattern highlighted by snow cover (center right of image). Lava flows from an 1826 eruption blocked drainage within the caldera, forming Lake Diamante. The lake is a popular tourist destination. Maipo's last significant eruption was in 1908. Imagery of the region from the International Space Station includes seasonal observations —- this image shows the volcano near the southern hemisphere spring equinox. The lake, just east of Maipo's peak, is still ice covered.

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