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New Solar Cell Developed (Image 4)

November 4, 2010
Yaguang Wei (standing), Zhong Lin Wang (middle) and Benjamin Weintraub display a prototype of their 3-D solar cell based on optical fiber.

The solar cell was developed using zinc oxide nanostructures that were grown on optical fibers and coated with dye-sensitized solar cell materials. Wang says the new optical fibers could be used to conduct sunlight into the walls of a building, where nanostructures would convert it to electricity. The new technology could allow PV systems to be hidden from view, giving architects and designers new options for incorporating PV into buildings, vehicles and even military equipment. To learn more about this research, see the Georgia Tech news story, "Hidden Solar Cells: Three-dimensional System Based on Optical Fiber Could Provide New Options for Photovoltaics." [Research supported by National Science Foundation grants DMS 07-06436 and CMMI 04-03671.] (Date of Image: October 2009) [Image 4 of 4 related images. Back to Image 1.]

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