Simulation of Frustrated Ising Spins
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Simulation of Frustrated Ising Spins

January 3, 2011
Four different frequencies in two separate laser beams interact with an ensemble of three ions to create a fully controllable system for creating any desired configuration of quantum spin states.

The research described above was supported by the Army Research Office through the Defense Advances Research Projects Agency and the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, and by the National Science Foundation through the Physics at the Information Frontier Program and NSF's Physics Frontier Center at the Joint Quantum Institute (see http://pfc.umd.edu/).

This illustration accompanyed the news story, "Quantum Simulation of Frustrated Ising Spins with Trapped Ions," K. Kim, M.-S. Chang, S. Korenblit, R. Islam, E. E. Edwards, J. K. Freericks, G.-D. Lin, L.-M. Duan and C. Monroe; Nature 465, 590 (2010). (Date of Image: June 2010)

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