The Alps
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The Alps

January 25, 2011
Snow blanketed the high tops and ridges of the Alps on January 17, 2011 when the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer on board the Terra satellite passed overhead and captured this true-color image. This formidable mountain system stretches over much of central Europe, with seven countries claiming portions of the Alps within their borders: Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria and Slovenia.

To the south of the rugged Alps, a large cloud bank hovers over the Padan Plain (also known as the Po Valley) of Italy and the Adriatic Sea, obscuring the land and water from view. A similar bank of clouds hangs over Balearic Sea. Between the two cloud banks lies the green land which forms the upper part of the “boot” of Italy, a peninsula that, in the imagination of many, loots like a tall high-heeled boot when viewed from space.

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