Cape of Good Hope
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Cape of Good Hope

December 20, 2004
One of the most famous regions in southern Africa, The Cape of Good Hope hooks out into the southern Atlantic Ocean in this true-color Aqua MODIS image from December 9, 2004. Cape Town occupies the northern end of the hook on Table Bay; in the higher resolutions of this image, it is visible as a spidery grey spot on the land. Founded in 1652, Cape Town is one of the oldest settlements in what is now the Republic of South Africa. It was originally a Dutch (Boer) settlement ruled by the Dutch East India Company, but after the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars came under British control. In 1910, the Cape Colony joined with three other semi-independent states to form what is today the Republic of South Africa. Stretching northwest in a blue-green plume from the Cape of Good Hope is a cloud of phytoplankton.

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