Size Affects Nanoparticle Structure
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Size Affects Nanoparticle Structure

February 7, 2011
Half-oxidized, 26 nanometer nanoparticles. The Ni region is colored red and the NiO is colored blue and green.

A study by researchers from North Carolina State University (NC State) shows that size plays a key role in determining the structure of certain hollow nanoparticles. The researchers focused on nickel nanoparticles, which have interesting magnetic and catalytic properties that may have applications in fields as diverse as energy production and nanoelectronics. This study improves our understanding of hollow nanoparticles and is a foundation for future work on applications in ultra-high density magnetic recording and more efficient catalysts, which is useful for chemical production, waste treatment and energy production. The research was funded by the National Science Foundation (grant CHE 09-43975). To learn more, see NC State news release, "Study Shows That Size Affects Structure of Hollow Nanoparticles." (Date of Image: March 2010)

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