Bloom off Argentina
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Bloom off Argentina

January 1, 2005
A long snaking bloom of phytoplankton winds through the waters of the southern Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Argentina in this set of true-color MODIS images. The top image, acquired December 13, 2004, by the Terra MODIS instrument, shows the left branch of the bloom as a thick, feathery tail, with the right branch in a thin straight line until it curves sharply west, and then curls around in a hook back toward the east. The underlying image, acquired December 16, 2004, by the Aqua MODIS instrument, shows how the bloom changed shape over the course of just three days. The left branch became more feathered as the bloom spread, while the right branch seemed to get much more intense. The bottom right curl grew its own tendrils, which curved off to the north and east.

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