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June 2, 2011
In various venues, these seven astronauts have been in training for several months for the different phases of the STS-79 mission scheduled for launch in August, 1996. Front row, left to right, are astronauts Jerome (Jay) Apt, mission specialist; Terrence W. Wilcutt, pilot; William F. Readdy, mission commander; Thomas D. Akers and Carl E. Walz, both mission specialists. On the back row are astronauts Shannon W. Lucid and John E. Blaha, both mission specialists. Lucid is currently aboard Russia's Mir Space Station, having been delivered there by the Space Shuttle Atlantis crew of STS-76 in March, 1996. She will return to Earth with this crew, while Blaha will launch with this crew and remain onboard Mir for a subsequent tour of duty as a cosmonaut guest researcher.

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