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June 2, 2011
Considered to be one of the most silt-laden rivers in the world, the mouth of the Yellow River can be seen in this southwest-looking view. The Yellow River discharges over one billon tons of sediment each year into the Gulf of Bohai (bottom portion of the image). The delta of the Yellow River is being extended into the gulf steadily at a rate of one mile (1.6 km) a year, adding roughly 14 sq. miles (40 sq. km) of land in the process. The river rises in the Kunlun Mountains of western China and flows generally eastward 3000 miles (4830 km) before emptying into the Gulf of Bohai. The Yellow River is the second longest river in China and one of the longest rivers in the world. The river's middle course is considered to be where Chinese civilization had its beginnings. The delta is used extensively for agriculture. Near the center of the image, the small commercial city of Dongying is discernible. To the east (left) of the city is the Shengli Oilfield, the second largest oilfield in China.

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