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June 2, 2011
Wales, Australia September 1996 The areal extent of Australia's largest city, Sydney that is located along the southeast coast of the continent with a population of almost 4 million people, can be discerned by the lighter-colored landscape. The darker terrain south of the sprawling urban area shows Heathcote and Royal National Parks, while the darker area north (lower left) of Sydney is Kur-ing-gai Chase National Park. Sydney is noted as a city of green areas, famous waterfront and harbor area, great beaches, and friendly citizens. The extensive, serpentine-shaped water feature (upper left quadrant) is Sydney Harbor. The other large bay (top center) is Botany Bay where the twin runways (linear, light-colored features) of Sydney International Airport jut southward into Botany Bay. The other dark-colored water feature is Prospect Reservoir (slightly below center).

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