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June 2, 2011
This north-northwest-looking view shows the Mississippi River, Clinton, Iowa, and the Quad Cities area of western Illinois and northeast Iowa. Just below the top right of the image, the Mississippi River travels southeastward to just north of Clinton, Iowa, where the river turns to the south. At Clinton, the river makes a turn to the southwest and then to the west as it passes the Quad Cities and exits the frame at the dark area on the image. The Quad Cities are made up of Davenport, Iowa, on the north bank of the Mississippi River, and East Moline, Moline, and Rock Island, Illinois, on the south bank of the Mississippi River. The Wapsipinicon River traverses the scene from the top center of the image near Anamosa, Iowa, and travels in a generally east-southeast direction entering the Mississippi near the center of the image. The Rock River enters the scene just above the bottom right of the image near Sterling, Illinois, and flows generally in a southwest direction entering the Mississippi River just to the west of the Quad Cities.

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