The Ob and Yenisey Rivers
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The Ob and Yenisey Rivers

July 22, 2004
The Ob and Yenisey (Yenisei) rivers flow north into the Arctic Circle, where they empty into the Kara Sea in this true-color Aqua MODIS image is from July 18, 2004, during the height of the Northern Hemisphere's summer season. The Ob River is just visible in the bottom left corner of the image, where it flows into the Ob Bay, which dominates the left half of the screen. This shallow Arctic Ocean estuary is 800 kilometers long (about 500 miles), and divides the Yamal (left) and Gyda (upper center) peninsulas. This river is the fourth longest in the world, and used to have world-famous fisheries. The Yenisey River flows into the much smaller Yenisey Bay in the upper right corner of the screen (to the left of the white sea ice at upper center). This river flows through much of Siberia, its roots forming forming from the junction of a number of large rivers over 4,000 kilometers away on the Mongolian border in the East Sayan Mountains.

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