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June 6, 2011
Almost the entire crew performs operations in the shirt-sleeve environment of the Spacelab Science Module in the cargo bay of the Earth-orbiting Space Shuttle Columbia. Since this mission utilized two 12-hour shifts, the overlap when both teams are awake is an opportunity for extra operations that can be performed that would otherwise detract from the objectives of the oncoming shift. Payload specialist Gregory T. Linteris is looking over flight plan data in the right foreground. Astronaut Donald A. Thomas (upper right), mission specialist, works nearby. Astronaut Michael L. Gernhardt (nearer camera in left corner), mission specialist, and Roger K. Crouch, payload specialist, share an Inflight Maintenance (IFM) chore. Astronaut Janice Voss, payload commander, oversees the IFM. Such tasks are necessary to repair or troubleshoot a minor malfunction with an experiment. Such procedures are often time consuming and would detract from scheduled gathering of data. Therefore, the entire crew pitches in to keep the experiments and activities on a tight timeline for maximum science acquisition.

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