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June 6, 2011
Astronaut David R. Williams (third left, top row), named as a mission specialist to fly aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia for the April 1998 Neurolab mission, is seen during his astronaut candidate days on a training flight aboard a KC-135 aircraft. The series of parabolas flown by the KC-135 on a given day represents the only accurate Earth-bound means of fabricating the microgravity environment of space travel. Those pictured are (from the left, top row) Frederick W. Sturckow, Rick D. Husband, Williams, Stephen K. Robinson, Kalpana C. Chawla and Takao Doi; and (bottom row, left to right) Dr. Thomas H. Marshburn (onboard physician), Carlos I. Noriega, Susan L. Still, Janet L. Kavandi, Michael P. Anderson and Joe F. Edwards. Williams is with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and Doi is representing the Japan Space Agency.

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