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June 6, 2011
STS-87 astronaut crewmembers participate in the Crew Equipment Integration Test (CEIT) with the Spartan-201 payload in Kennedy Space Centers (KSC) Vertical Processing Facility. From left are Steven W. Lindsey, pilot; Takao Doi, mission specialist representing Japans National Space Development Agency (NASDA); Kalpana Chawla, mission specialist; Kevin R. Kregel, mission commander; and payload specialist Leonid Kadenyuk of the National Space Agency of Ukraine (NSAU). The CEIT gives astronauts an opportunity to get a hands-on look at the payloads with which they will be working on-orbit. STS-87 will be the fourth United States Microgravity Payload (USMP-4) and flight of the Spartan-201 deployable satellite. During the mission, Takao Doi will be the first Japanese astronaut to perform a spacewalk. STS-87 is scheduled for a November 19, 1997, liftoff from KSC.

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