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June 16, 2011
Bavaria/Germany is featured in this SRTM X-SAR image. Coordinates of the area are 91 degrees, 36 minutes east longitude and 50 degrees, 12 minutes north latitude. The hills covering the upper part of the image are mainly covered by forests. The adjacent area to north is called Hallertau. It is the biggest hopp growing area in Bavaria. The region is mainly used for agriculture. The foothills of the Alps are constantly inclined from south to north. It is mainly pastureland. The moraines north of the lake Ammersee, formed during the last ice age, are very well recognizable. During the ice age the glaciers reached approximately 50 kilometers into the foothill area. Note: All X-SAR imagery and related charts and maps are provided by DLR, Germany's national aerospace resource center as well as the national space agency.

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