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June 16, 2011
This X-SAR/SRTM digital elevation model in Nepal (130 kilometers by 50 kilometers) shows the transition from the Indian lowlands close to sea level to the Himalayan front range (up to 3500 meters). The lower part covers the northern India province of Bihar while the upper part shows the Kathmandu Basin, completely surrounded by mountains. The image covers almost the entire width of Nepal. Nepal is completely surrounded by its large neighbors India and China. The plain in the south is dissected by many rivers that drain into the River Ganges. The enormous thrust fold belts of the Central Himalayas begin north of the plain. Himalayan orogenesis, or the "making" of the Himalayas, was initiated by the Indian subcontinent colliding into Eurasia some 40 Million years ago. The orogenesis still continues today. Note: All X-SAR imagery and related charts and maps are provided by DLR, Germany's national aerospace resource center as well as the national space agency.

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