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June 16, 2011
This scene shows an area near White Sands, New Mexico, (covering approximately 50 km x 150 km 30x90 miles). JSC2000E02636 is an interferogram of the area depicted in this RADAR image (E02634). The individual phase values appear as colored rings in the E02636 image. The steeper the slopes, the closer the fringes. So, topography can already be seen directly in the interferogram. The gray values in the RADAR image represent the strength of the reflected RADAR signal. The stronger the backscatter towards the antenna, the brighter the image. The black area in the upper part of the images is a lake (reservoir). It is black because smooth water surfaces reflect RADAR like a mirror. No backscatter is returned towards the antennas onboard the shuttle. Note: All X-SAR imagery and related charts and maps are provided by DLR, Germany's national aerospace resource center as well as the national space agency.

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