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July 1, 2011
Some of the principal participants of an historical event are pictured in the Destiny laboratory aboard the International Space Station (ISS). From left to right are astronauts Chris A. Hadfield (partially out of frame), STS-100 mission specialist, and astronauts Susan J. Helms and James S. Voss, Expedition Two flight engineers. A Canadian handshake in spac occurred at 4:02 p.m (CDT), April 28, 2001, as the Canadian-built space station robotic arm operated by Helms transferred its launch cradle over to Endeavours robotic arm, with Canadian Space Agency astronaut Hadfield at the controls. In this scene, Hadfield has temporarily vacated his post on Endeavour's aft flight deck and was having a brief strategy meeting with the Expedition Two crew on the docked station. The exchange of the pallet from station arm to shuttle arm marked the first ever robotic-to-robotic transfer in space. This image was recorded with a digital still camera.

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