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July 7, 2011
Seven astronauts and a cosmonaut representing Rosaviakosmos take a break in joint activities involving the Expedition Two and STS-104 crews to pose for an inflight portrait in the newly delivered Quest Airlock on the International Space Station (ISS). Charles O. Hobaugh is in front. On the second row are, from the left, James F. Reilly, Steven W. Lindsey, Yury V. Usachev and Michael L. Gernhardt. In the rear are astronauts Janet L. Kavandi, James S. Voss and Susan J. Helms. Usachev, commander; along with Voss and Helms, both flight engineers, comprise the Expedition Two crew. Lindsey is STS-104 commander, with Hobaugh serving as pilot. Kavandi, STS-104 flight engineer, is joined by Gernhardt and Reilly as mission specialists on the mission. This image was recorded with a digital still camera.

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