Spirit Traverse Map - 2
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Spirit Traverse Map - 2

December 27, 2004
The red dot labeled "Sol 134-141" in this map illustrates when and where NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit acquired the "Santa Anita Panorama." Scientists consider this area, located roughly three-fourths of the way between "Bonneville Crater" and the base of the "Columbia Hills," a treasure trove that may be studied for decades to come. The panorama is one of four 360-degree full panoramas the rover has acquired during its mission.

The color thermal inertia data show how well different surface features hold onto heat. Red indicates a high thermal inertia associated with rocky terrain (regions that take longer to warm up and cool down); blue indicates a lower thermal inertia associated with smaller particles and fewer rocks (areas that warm up and cool off quickly). The map comprises background images from the camera on NASA's Mars Global Surveyor orbiter and data from the thermal emission spectrometer on NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter.

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