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July 19, 2011
Posing in front of the Space Shuttle Columbia is the returning STS-109 crew. From left are astronauts James H. Newman, Michael J. Massimino, Nancy J. Currie, Scott D. Altman, Duane G. Carey, John M. Grunsfeld and Richard M. Linnehan . The crew returned to Earth after a successful 11-day mission servicing and upgrading the Hubble Space Telescope. Wheel stop occurred on orbit 165 at 4:33:09 a.m. EST. Main gear touchdown occurred at 4:31:52 a.m. and nose wheel touchdown at 4:32:02. Rollout time was 1 minute, 17 seconds. This was the 58th landing at KSC out of 108 missions in the history of the Shuttle program.

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