Adriatic Sea
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Adriatic Sea

August 31, 2004
This MERIS (MEdium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer) shows the Adriatic Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean Sea separating the Apennine peninsula of Italy (south) from the Balkan peninsula (north). The italian shore is generally low, merging, in the northwest, into the marshes and lagoons on either hand of the protruding delta of the river Po, the sediment of which has pushed forward the coastline for several kilometers within historic times (sedimentation is interpretated in this image as a light green colour in the sea near the coastal areas). Notable cities on the Italian coast are Trieste, Ravenna, Rimini, Ancona, Pescara and Bari. The Balkan coast runs along the countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, and Albania. Also visible are the Dinaric Alps that runs from Croatia all the way through Montenegro.

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