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July 19, 2011
Galveston Bay, a shallow, sediment-laden inlet of the Gulf of Mexico, can be seen in this northwest-looking view, photographed from the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Sediments remain suspended in the bay because it is so shallow, with an average depth of 12 feet (4 meters). The city of Galveston and the entrance to Galveston Bay from the Gulf of Mexico can be seen at the bottom center of the image. The highly reflective areas to the north of the city of Galveston are oil refineries in Texas City. Other light-colored areas (oil refineries) can be seen near the center of the image extending northwestward along the Houston Ship Channel. The city of Houston and its suburbs, with some areas under scattered clouds, are visible in the upper left portion of the image. NASA's Johnson Space Center is near center frame. Lake Houston, where the metropolitan area of Houston receives most of its drinking water, is visible in the upper right portion of the image.

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