Eagle Crater Traverse Map
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Eagle Crater Traverse Map

January 4, 2005
This labeled image shows an overhead view of the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity landing site at Meridiani Planum, nicknamed “Eagle Crater.” Scientists are conducting a soil survey here to see how the soils in this crater relate to the soils by the Meridiani Planum rock outcrop, as well as on the plains outside the crater. They have studied the soils in great detail on the north and west sides of the crater. Locations within the crater where scientists have taken microscopic images of the soil are shown in blue.

The science team has selected five locations for Opportunity to stop and study the soil before exiting the crater. As of sol 54 of Opportunity's journey (March 18, 2004), Opportunity has completed the sol 52 stop and is stationed at the sol 53 stop, located in the bottom right quadrant of this image. Scientists are examining light and dark soil targets at this spot, dubbed “Neopolitan” because it is a triple boundary between light soil, dark soil, and an airbag bounce mark.

This 3-D visualization was displayed using software developed by NASA's Ames Research Center and images from Opportunity's panoramic camera, taken while the rover was still on the lander.

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