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July 20, 2011
The STS-111 and Expedition Five crews, attired in training versions of the full-pressure launch and entry suit, pose for a group photo prior to a training session in the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility at the Johnson Space Center (JSC). From left are astronauts Kenneth D. Cockrell and Paul S. Lockhart, STS-111 mission commander and pilot, respectively; Philippe Perrin and Franklin R. Chang-Diaz, both STS-111 mission specialists; Peggy A. Whitson, Expedition Five flight engineer, and cosmonauts Valery G. Korzun, Expedition Five mission commander, and Sergei Y. Treschev, Expedition Five flight engineer. Perrin represents CNES, the French Space Agency, and Korzun and Treschev represent Rosaviakosmos.

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