Tokyo Japan
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Tokyo, Japan

September 4, 2004
This image shows an area of about 100 kilometers centered over Tokyo, Japan's most populated city. Tokyo, the last great conurbation before the yawning chasm of the Pacific Ocean, is not a single city, but an assembly of several distinct cities, towns and villages, all grouped together to form an urban conglomeration which is home to more than 27 million people. The city centre lies to the south of the Ara-Kawa River, which joins the other two important rivers - Edo-gawa and Tama-gawa - to flow into the bay of Tokyo (Tokyo-wan). In this area you can see the Tokyo Wan Aqua-Line - the trans-Tokyo Bay highway - with an overall length of about 15km. It comprises a 5 km-long bridge and a 10-km long tunnel. This modern infrastructure opened in December 1997 and provides access from the southern sector of the Bay to the Tokyo area.

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