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August 1, 2011
The Expedition Five and STS-112 crews assemble for a group photo in the Destiny laboratory on the International Space Station (ISS). From the left, front row, are astronaut Peggy A. Whitson, Expedition Five flight engineer; cosmonauts Valery G. Korzun and Sergei Y. Treschev, Expedition Five mission commander and flight engineer, respectively. From the left, back row, are astronauts David A. Wolf, Sandra H. Magnus, both STS-112 mission specialists; Pamela A. Melroy, Jeffrey S. Ashby, STS-112 pilot and mission commander, respectively; Piers J. Sellers and cosmonaut Fyodor N. Yurchikhin, both STS-112 mission specialists. Korzun, Treschev and Yurchikhin represent Rosaviakosmos.

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