Trekking Down Endurance - 2
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Trekking Down 'Endurance' - 2

January 10, 2005
The panoramic camera on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity produced this approximate true-color mosaic image from a position at the edge of "Endurance Crater." The image shows the "Karatepe" ingress, where the rover began its traverse down into the crater on sol 159 (July 5, 2004). The rover is currently about 10 meters (32.8 feet) into the crater. One of the major goals motivating the rover team to carefully drive the rover further down into the crater is to follow up on clues observed so far involving the element chlorine and the mineral pyroxene. The rover has found that chlorine and pyroxene (a signature of basaltic, or volcanic, rocks) increase in concentration with deepening layers of rock. Scientists also hope to study the dunes, or "ripples," visible at the bottom right of this image. These dunes show strong signatures for basalt and could further develop the history of this area of Meridiani Planum.

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