Blueberries Inside Popcorn Arrows to Berries and Fragments
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'Blueberries' Inside 'Popcorn' (Arrows to Berries and Fragments)

January 10, 2005
This view from the microscopic imager on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity shows a type of light-colored, rough-textured spherules scientists are calling "popcorn" in contrast to the darker, smoother spherules called "blueberries." It is the lower-left frame of a four frame mosaic [15-ZL-04-MI2-B202R1] taken on sol 199 (Aug. 15, 2004). The red arrows indicate blueberries partially covered with popcorn material. The yellow arrows point to something even more puzzling. These darker toned, irregularly shaped objects might be blueberry fragments emerging from the popcorn material as the pebble weathers away. It is still not clear whether all of the popcorn spherules contain blueberry material.

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