Anemone Fish in Coral Reef
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Anemone Fish in Coral Reef

November 10, 2011
An anemone fish hides from predators in the tentacles of an anemone living in a coral reef in the waters of Fiji. This film still was taken from the MacGillivray Freeman Film's documentary for IMAX theatres, "Coral Reef Adventure." The National Science Foundation (NSF) provided a grant (ESI 00-03650) to MacGillivray Freeman Films for the making of "Coral Reef Adventure," a 46-minute documentary for IMAX theatres on the subject of coral reef ecology that discusses the worldwide environmental crisis facing reefs today. The film follows the story of two underwater filmmakers on a 10-month expedition to document the reefs of the South Pacific. The film features researchers who are part of the global effort to understand and protect coral reef ecosystems. It documents reef diversity and animal behavior; investigates the symptoms of reef degradation, providing information on past environmental change through core sampling; and explores life in extreme ocean environments. The film also examines the complex behavior and interactions among unique Pacific coral reef animals at five coral reef sites; illustrates the role of scientific research in addressing the declining health of reefs; and stimulates public interest in pursuing further learning and careers in coral reef and marine science. For more information, please visit the Coral Reef Adventure film website, www.coralfilm.com, or the MacGillivray Freeman Films website, www.macfreefilms.com. (Year of image: 2001)

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