Barred spiral galaxy NGC7741
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Barred spiral galaxy NGC7741

January 25, 2005
This is a two-minute exposure taken on the night of September 1st 1994 (UT of observation 02/09/94:07:06) with the 1k detector. This photograph shows a region 200 arc seconds square which has been compressed in brightness (approximately a double logarithm) to show both bright and faint features. Observing conditions during this phase of the commissioning were not ideal, but this image has a "seeing" measurement (average FWHM of several stars) of about 0.9 arc seconds.

Orientation: N up, W to the left.

About this object

Galaxy NGC 7741 is a barred spiral galaxy of type SB(s)cd, meaning that it has a central bar-like concentration, evident here, and a small number of fairly open large-scale spiral arms. The galaxy reaches about 50% further out than this picture covers, so the outermost regions are not visible. NGC 7741 is quite nearby, and is receding from us at only 1.7 million miles per hour.

Location: 23 43 54.0 +26 04 32 (2000.0), distance: approximately 30 million light-years, Size: about 35 thousand light-years across.

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