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December 22, 2011
Eight NASA astronauts serving two space-faring crews, talk to several news media outlets from onboard the International Space Station in the midst of several days of shared duties. On the front row, from the left, are astronauts George Zamka, STS-130 commander; Jeffrey Williams, Expedition 22 commander; and Robert Behnken, STS-130 mission specialist. From left, middle row, are astronauts Stephen Robinson and Kathryn Hire, both STS-130 mission specialists; and T.J. Creamer, space station flight engineer. In the rear are astronauts Nicholas Patrick (left), STS-130 mission specialist, and Terry Virts, STS-130 pilot. The two crews, totaling eleven cosmonauts and astronauts, will be sharing duties for more than a week and are scheduled to team up for three spacewalks in the coming days. Astronauts Behnken and Patrick of the STS-130 crew are scheduled for the outside portion of all three spacewalks.

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