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February 21, 2012
S134-E-008332(21 May 2011) --- A cosmonaut and two astronauts representing three different organziations but the same International Space Station expedition crew, share one of their final meals with other station and shuttle crew members onboard the outpost, currently docked with the space shuttle Endeavour. From left to right in the foreground are Russian cosmonaut Dmitry Kondratyev (with back toward camera), Expediton 27 commander; European Space Agency astronaut Paolo Nespoli and NASA astronaut Cady Coleman, both Expediton 27 flight engineers. In left background is Russian cosmonaut Alexander Samokutyaev, Expedition 27 flight engineer. At upper right is NASA astronaut Michael Fincke, STS-134 mission specialist. Kondratyev. Nespoli and Coleman are scheduled to return to Earth in a Soyuz spacecraft in less than 48 hours. Photo credit: NASA

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